Day 5

FINALLY, I accomplished Day 5’s mission.

The mission was to get a style consultation from someone at one of the recommended stores from mission #4, and to purchase some of the clothing items the sales person recommends, funds permitting.

The evening unfolded in an interesting way.

There is a certain hot girl that I’ve been acquainted with for a few months, but we’ve not yet spent any time hanging out.  Her car is having issues, so she hit me up for a ride to the grocery store. On the way to the store, I brought her with me to Spark, a boutique clothing store in SLC. A couple of gay guys run the place. I thought that the gay guys would FOR SURE help me find the *perfect* jeans for my ass.  They were really cool, but not all that helpful.  The hot girl, however, was golden.  She really understands the look I need to be going for, and helped me pick out a really cool pair of jeans.

We went to dinner, hit the grocery store, and picked up a few bottles of wine at the liquor store. We then came back to my place, drank the wine, and chatted the night away.  She changed into a summer dress of sorts, and was no longer wearing a bra. Though I had always speculated that she has fantastic breasts, this no-bra dress situation was all but proof positive of something absolutely epic happening underneath.  Her nipples were perky and discernible through her dress.

I was in a delightful degree of agony.

Things got worse as we were talking about taking some photos of her. She started talking more about her breasts, and about how great they are.

Moments like this are confounding to me.  A very large part of me wanted to just take her, kiss her deeply, pull that dress off of her chest, and devour those alert nipples all in one fell swoop.

My inner gentleman / wuss / scaredy-cat did not allow this to happen. Instead I just nodded, added a few vague observations of my own, and tried to tread water in the sea of testosterone that I was nearly drowning in.

SO anyway… back to the jeans.  I got them. Mission accomplished.

On to mission #6.




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