The Birth of the Sun

Today is the twenty first of December. Tonight the sun will fall into it’s deepest abyss in the eastern sky, giving us the longest night of the year. An astrological death of day.

Tomorrow morning, the sun will emerge from it’s yearly grave – or it’s yearly womb, however you choose to view it – and take on a new crown of crescendo – reborn, destined to grow ever present in our lives for the next 6 months.

As I write this, I eat a lunch that I’ve created with the help of the sun. The sun gave warmth to soil that coaxed the germination of seeds that gave rise to the grapes of my wine, the tomatoes of my sauce, the wheat that became my pasta. I cooked my lunch using electricity which was generated from a coal fired power plant… coal that once was organic matter that photosynthesizing the sun’s rays millions of years ago… The sun warms the atmosphere and oceans, creating systems of storms that have watered the plants that have eventually become electricity, farfalle pasta, tiny flakes of oregano, and chardonnay…

Today I celebrate the birth of the sun. I give thanks that when the sun rises tomorrow,and each day after, it will bring an increasing amount of light.

Whether you celebrate the birth of Sun of the sky, or the Son of Mary, I hope this week brings you much happiness.

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