Elusive love for those who have wandered

It is general conference weekend; I’m in logan visiting my daughters. We are staying at my parent’s house. My mother is watching conference in an adjacent room. I hear an apostle admonishing his sheep to pray for love for those who “have wandered”. Condescension lies in the shadow of this pseudo spirituality. The irony is so bitter- a message that claims to be about uniting people has the unintended effect of creating the wedge.

“They shout about love but when push comes to shove- they live for things they’re afraid of” – Neil Peart, “The Weapon”

I believe we all have love in us innately. Our primal source is love, we emanated from it. We ARE it.

Let go.

Let go of your illusions that others are different from you. Let go of your need to fix them. Let go of your need to be right. Let go of the notion that your path is better than theirs. Let go of any thought that causes you to see yourself as separate from others.

Be open to the idea that love is your core energy, love is your greatest natural trait. Consider that it is your upbringing and messages of separateness that have covered up your natural tendency to love, like many layers of poorly applied paint.

When you have stopped clinging to ego driven ideas…. When you have let go, you will find that your arms are open, and you will have returned to that natural state of love that has no conditions.

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