2 wires

I am online.

I communicate with my friends online. I shop online. I pay bills online. I read the news online. I recieve spiritual guidance online. I find and communicate with clients online. I met the love of my life online. I buy music online. I tell jokes online. I meet new friends online. I share glimpses into my inner life through my blog, online. Much of my communication with my best friend and soul mate occurs online. I share family photos online. I offend people online. I make ammends online. I attend business meetings online. I get recipes online. I deliver finished goods – photographs – online. I watch movies online. I give up on God online. I balance my checkbook online. I rediscover God online. I gather information for important life events online. I obtain new tools for my business online. I meet demons online. I encounter angels online. I lose money online. I make money online. I have reunions with long lost friends online. I pontificate online. I quarrel online. I laugh online. I cry online. I accomplish my dreams online.

My computer is attatched to a router with a cable – there are 10 very thin strands of copper in this cable. The router is connected to the modem; 10 strands as well.. only 4 of them actually are used to transmit data. The modem connects to the phone jack. The phone wiring has 4 strands of copper. Only 2 of those tiny strands are used to transmit a signal, connecting me, inside the house, to the phone company network… and the rest of the world.

And thus…
my life


very thin,

very long






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