Jesse Parent on the art of words


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Jesse Parent on the art of words

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Spoken word performer Jesse Parent joined us in the studio to talk about the world of words. He even helped Louie compose a Haiku.


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we were once salesmen

I know the things we used to say
about people “like that”
awash in sin
self loathing
unto damnation
And now I am he of who we would speak.
Tell me we are still brothers
I need to know you’ve changed too.
I cannot bear your pity
of 13 years prior
We used to speak of love
and sing of the cross
the man made famous.
We were once salesmen
of a shrink-wrapped eternity
Bound by the saving of souls
our two year labor of love.
May we now be bound by a truth
even higher?
I’ll take no righteous pity
for love IS god.

— Paul Duane Feb 2009

Sufficient For Tonight

Unfamiliarity breeds excitement
spawns daring
first date
in 17 months
she’s no dream girl,
and he’ll do for now.
Blaring music
a safety net for unsteady words
she slides in close
he counts hatching eggs
She leans in
laughs at everything
it’s been 10 years
she makes him feel like Don Juan
flips her hair
feet collide
hands fumble
his mind races
her heart plots
A dam bursts at the base of his brain
he takes her hand
exiting the club
onward to a victory
that will be sufficient for tonight.

The Working Man’s Lament

I wear this blue collar
badge of honour or crown of thorns
aching muscles remind
of who I am
what I’ve become
and what I might have been
had I not done…

Of what use is toil of heart?
Over hindsight ever so clear
As days greet us
do we not all judge what is best?

Though I mull
and reconcile
My blue collar crown of thorns

– Paul Jensen, 8 April 2008

2 wires

I am online.

I communicate with my friends online. I shop online. I pay bills online. I read the news online. I recieve spiritual guidance online. I find and communicate with clients online. I met the love of my life online. I buy music online. I tell jokes online. I meet new friends online. I share glimpses into my inner life through my blog, online. Much of my communication with my best friend and soul mate occurs online. I share family photos online. I offend people online. I make ammends online. I attend business meetings online. I get recipes online. I deliver finished goods – photographs – online. I watch movies online. I give up on God online. I balance my checkbook online. I rediscover God online. I gather information for important life events online. I obtain new tools for my business online. I meet demons online. I encounter angels online. I lose money online. I make money online. I have reunions with long lost friends online. I pontificate online. I quarrel online. I laugh online. I cry online. I accomplish my dreams online.

My computer is attatched to a router with a cable – there are 10 very thin strands of copper in this cable. The router is connected to the modem; 10 strands as well.. only 4 of them actually are used to transmit data. The modem connects to the phone jack. The phone wiring has 4 strands of copper. Only 2 of those tiny strands are used to transmit a signal, connecting me, inside the house, to the phone company network… and the rest of the world.

And thus…
my life


very thin,

very long