Where were the heros today?

I’ve been watching the news today regarding the shooting massacre at Virginia Tech. Somehow this demon was able to carry out killings in 2 locations, hours apart, on a college campus.

I’m reminded of the hero who brought an end to the massacre-in-progress at the recent the Trolley Square shooting. (For those of you unfamiliar with the story, a gunman killed 6 in a shopping mall in down town SLC… The shooting was brought to an end by a man who was legally carrying a concealed weapon. He was having dinner with his wife at the mall; because he was prepared, we was able to step up to the challenge – he shot the gunman, saving countless lives.)

On the news tonight, Blacksburg and VA Tech students repeated the phrase “things don’t happen like that in our town”. “Understanding the motivation of America’s latest shooter will be a harder task”, says the news anchor.

Understanding the prevention of 30 deaths today is not a hard task. All it would have taken is one hero. One person lawfully carrying a firearm, one person willing to step up to defend the lives of innocent students. One person willing to save some lives. Someone who would be willing and prepared to stop the mad man from carrying on the rest of the slaughter. One brave bullet from one lawful concealed weapon holder – would have saved dozens of lives.

Why was nobody prepared to defend their fellow man from the senseless, lawless rage of the gunman?

I live in a town where “things like that don’t happen”. This tradgedy strengthens my personal resolve to become a concealed weapons permit holder – to make sure that “things like this don’t happen”.

Today, in Blacksburg Virginia, there were no heros.

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