My upcomming sex change

* * * * I’ve buried this post way down in the midst of some old posts…. I actually wrote this in 2008, I wrote this from a very real place. I realize that this will be very difficult for a lot of people to read… many of whom are people I love very much. I don’t want to offend, necessarily, but I also won’t back down from stating the truth as I see it. Thus, I’ve placed this far from the top of the blog. I figure if you’ve found this post, you *really* want to know what’s up with me… and so… kind of like the ‘prize’ in the cereal box you’ve been digging for…. you’ve found it. * * * *

It turns out that my penis has created this really disadvantageous situation where I’ve got to actually earn my way back into heaven… unlike those of you who’ve been blessed to have boobs and ovaries.

Hold on one second… I’m about to talk frankly about something that happens in the LDS Temple. I believe that any organization that demands at least 10% of your income and countless hours of service for at least 1 year, as a prerequisite for temple attendance, is morally obligated to actually tell you what you are getting in to. Would you ever do business with a company who would not fully disclose the terms of a financial agreement with you? If you are bothered by openness and honesty about spiritual practices, you should stop reading right now.

Here’s the deal. When you go to the temple, there is an initial ceremony, aptly called “initiatory”. Many of the temple ceremonies are administered differently to men vs. women, this being one of them. Here’s the short of it. You are symbolically washed (extremely similar to a catholic baptism), and a blessing is pronounced on you…. this blessing differs according to your gender. Here’s the key difference between them:

Women are told : “your sins are forgiven and you are clean every whit.”

..and the men are told: ” that you may become clean from the blood and sins of this generation”

These ceremonies are notable on several levels, but for now, it will suffice to illustrate the conditional nature of being cleansed for men vs. the de facto free ticket to exaltation given to women.

Is it any wonder that the temple is so much more popular with “the sisters” than it is with “the brethren”?

I know that many of you are extremely offended now, many of you think I’m just being snarky. I’m not. If this REALLY is the way God intended it… I’ll be honest, I’m mad at God! This ludicrous!!! Why should I get the short end of the deal, just because the sperm that happened to fertilize my mother’s ova happened to be packing around a Y chromosome?

What the hell?

Listen folks… if there really is a God in heaven… he truly does treat us all equally.




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  1. I don’t see what the main difference is that you point out here. I think your frankness is something to be honored by those (like myself) who are willing to hear it.

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