Today, NASA will give a press conference detailing the discovery of a new life form. The bacteria was discovered in Mono Lake, California. This bacteria breaks every rule of biology we have ever known. Up until today, we have thought that all life forms are composed of 6 things: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur. These are the building blocks of all living things on earth, and we had confidently assumed that these are what make life possible.

Until today…

The NASA scientists have discovered a bacteria whose DNA is made of arsenic, which was thought to be impossible.

All of the biology textbooks become obsolete today. Every “fact” about life is no longer as hard and fast as it once was. What a brilliant and exciting thing!

“Whom the gods wish to make a fool, they first make certain” – Tucker Max.

I love paradigm shattering discoveries like this. I love it when we humans are reminded that we, in fact, DON’T know everything, that our “facts” are merely one sided observations of a world whose facets evade our enumeration.

It is moments like this that make the certainty of atheism seem like a childish, agenda laden rant.

There is really only one thing of which we may be certain:

One can never be sure.

If this offends your sensibilities, I ask you – why is your ego so attached to certainty? What would it take for you to let go?

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