Makelle says the darndest things.

“I’m a really cute girl. I’m prettier than almost all the other little girls”
(laughing, I ask – ), “Yes Makelle, you are very pretty. Who told you that?”
“My mom”.

“I miss my mom. And I miss you too. I wish you could live at my house all the time. But you can’t, ’cause you guys aren’t married anymore.”

This one kills me… it really tears me up. Periodically Makelle will talk about this juxtaposition of missing me, and missing Mireesa, and the frustration of knowing she cannot have both longings solved. But bless her little angellic heart, for every time I see her, at least 4 times, I hear some of the most beautiful words on earth:

“Daddy, I love you. I miss you Daddy.”

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