Entrepreneurship and Marriage

I recently read a review of the book “If At First You Don’t Succeed”, by Brent Bowers. It was a summation of research he has done in an effort to distill the traits of entrepreneurs into something we can wrap our brains around. He came up with 8 characteristics that are nearly universal among entrepreneurs:

8 Traits of successful entrepreneurs:

  1. Seizing opportunities
  2. Running your own show
  3. Innovative behavior since childhood
  4. Turning on a dime
  5. Tenacity
  6. Self confidence bordering on delusions of grandeur
  7. Pragmatism
  8. A knack for “falling upward”.

After I read the list and contemplated on the implications of such qualities, I realized that these are qualities I would like in my future spouse as well. Marriage is, after all, only slightly less prone to failure than a new business, and infinitely more important to have success in.

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