358: John Saltas: the value of culture


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358: John Saltas: the value of culture


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Building Man 2017

A few photos and thoughts from Building Man 2017 at Jenkstar Ranch in Green River, Utah:

Tonight our tribe will dance to pulsing anthems of modernity, fueled by electrons harvested from the sun this day. We will give and receive sacraments that pull us into the present, healing our addiction to the past and future. The cliffs and buttes are the elder statesmen of the desert – their billion year old wrinkles a constant reminder to be humble.

Much love to the Jenkstars for making this happen.

Where music comes from according to Kurt Bestor

On today’s episode, I sit down for a few drinks with composer, pianist, and trumpet player Kurt Bestor. This episode has been a long time in the making.  I mean, Kurt and I have been talking about getting together over mixology and mics for a long time, and life just kept on happening – but it goes further back, for me.

During my LDS Mission to Philadelphia, we were under very strict rules of conduct. Some were obvious: no dating, no rowdy conduct… others less obvious: Be in bed by 10:30pm. Pray before any kind of traveling. Only listen to approved music.

This was the hard one for me. Music is my LIFE! It was my salvation growing up as a kid. My favorite band in the world, RUSH, wrote songs about philosophy and intellectual topics that made me a better person – and yet – I was not allowed to listen to them. We were given a short list of parameters of music we could listen to. Instrumental piano music was one of them. Despite my dedication to the cause, I still needed something in my life besides the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  Kurt’s records became some of my favorites.

If only I could go back in time and find the 20 yr old version of me on the streets of Philadelphia, and tell him that 20 years later, I’d be sitting in a cozy tavern, drinking beer with Kurt Bestor and interviewing him for my show…  Nah. It’s pointless. 20 year old me would have blown off the 40 yr old me as some crazy cracked out conspiracy theorist nut job.

In today’s interview, we find Bestor in preparation for his upcoming Christmas production that he’s famous for in SLC. True to a  jazz theme that pops up part way through the interview – thought I knew what I wanted to talk with Kurt about, and the conversation took on a life of it’s own and became far better than I had planned for.  Kurt is an understated, affable dude with an musical palate that spans several continents.

To all you creatives out there – I hope you find something in this conversation that inspires you to take the next step in creating your next big piece of work. I certainly did.





And for you trumpet nerds out there like Kurt and I… here’s that Ibrahim Maalouf we spoke of. It’s a long track. It’s a journey, and it’s worth it. Would you expect anything less from me? Pour a drink, turn it up, kick back and buckle in.


And some impromptu portraits of Kurt before we hit the mics:

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Rainbow and Rebel flags for Willy Marshall

In a zeitgeist of being politically correct, Willy Marshall is a rebel that’s hard to argue with.

Utah’s first openly gay mayor defends the rights of business owners to hire and fire HIM beause he’s gay. Freedom is that important to him.   I’ve interviewed plenty of people who say they love freedom, but this guy takes the cake.

Aside from that, Willy is just a hilarious, classic Corvette driving dude.  A brilliant embodiment of the “sacred clown” (what is that? read more about it here).

In keeping with Willy’s promise – if you are serious about running a campaign and want coaching on how to run for office, you can contact Willy Marshal here:  https://www.facebook.com/willy.marshall.7

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Want more exclusive insights? Want to support the show? Get my monthly handwritten newsletter, delivered via USPS in your mail box. Nothing electronic about it:

Johnson / Weld Libertarian Rally

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It’s that time of year when we (and I’m assuming that if you read my stuff, this applies to you) all lose a few friends due to political conversations.  Choosing between the lesser of two evils is dicey stuff. Only the most loving or ambivalent of friendships withstand the test.

Good thing we have Gary Johnson & Bill Weld to save the day!

Worst case scenario, your friends will think you are overly optimistic for supporting the Libertarian candidates.  That’s an indictment I will happily live with.

Governors Johnson and Weld came to Salt Lake City on 6 Aug for a rally at the University of Utah. We had an awesome turnout, a roaring crowd of 1500 people along with coverage from every news outlet in town.  I had the privilege of photographing the event and participating in the press conference beforehand. The podcast episode attached to this post contains the audio from the press conference. Senator Mark Madsen (newly minted Libertarian, having recently left the Republican Party), joined Johnson & Weld for the media Q&A.

Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are well known for their ability to “reach across the isle”.  Their political careers provide the evidence; I’m now beginning to see the mechanism behind it. They don’t spend time talking negatively about thier opponents. They understand that words have power, and choose to focus that power on THEIR ideas, principles, and plans.  Not only that, they come to every conversation with an understanding that most of us have more in common than we realize.  When you begin a political conversation by recognizing and discussing the points you have in common, it sets the stage for a truly open minded exchange where differing points of view may be considered.  “Debate” is nearly useless as a tool for convincing people. How many times has your mind been changed because someone proved to you how wrong you are?  That’s what I thought.  😉  A couple of thoughts from the unofficial Gary Johnson / Bill Weld playbook of sharing Libertarianism:

  • Don’t waste time talking negatively about Trump or Clinton. It’s all been said. They do it to each other and themselves better than you or I could ever dream of doing.
  • Realize that most of us have A LOT in common. Begin your conversations by talking about the things you have in common. (For instance, Bernie supporters and Libertarians are both very concerned about crony capitalism and VALUE ethics in business).
  • Rather than attack other points of view, spend time sharing the positives of your own position and how it’s made a difference in your life / how you expect it to make a difference.
  • Accept that not everyone is going to agree with your conclusions. Make sure you remain friends. Friendship is more important than being “right”.

click to see bw DSC_4995

See my color portfolio at www.PaulDuane.net/color

See my color portfolio at www.PaulDuane.net/color

Senator Mark Madsen leaves GOP for Libertarian Party

It’s a good day in the Freedom movement, my friends. Utah Senator Mark Madsen held a press conference to announce that he’s leaving the Republican Party and officially changing his affiliation to the Libertarian Party.  I had the good fortune of being able to photograph the press conference.

The following day, 26 July, Senator Madsen and his wife Erin joined me in the studio at KTalk 630 to talk about his switch.  We had a severe technical problem with our audio feed; part of the interview was rendered unusable. We were able to preserve a large part of the interview; though the audio quality is not optimal, you still can hear it.

At any rate, these are exciting times in the Liberty movement! Gary Johnson and Bill Weld continue to pick up steam. Remember – in your conversations with people about the presidential candidates, focus your energy on sharing the positives of why you believe Gary Johnson is the best man for the job. Don’t spend time nitpicking Trump and Hillary. That’s old news. Let’s invest our time educating people about the principles of freedom. Focus on the positive (even though it’s really, super duper, uber hard to refrain from picking on the negatives right now. I know. I feel your pain.  🙂

An insiders view of the Mormon Political Machine


Justin Anderson is a self styled citizen lobbyist and political strategist. He comes on the show to tell the story of working as a political adviser  to the upper echelons of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Justin shares with us some jaw dropping perspectives on what happens when The Mormon Church grapples with issues such as LGBT rights, gay marriage, and medicinal marijuana.

I have UTMOST respect for Justin for being willing to speak the truth, and to do it from a place of love – FOR THE TRUTH.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *


*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Since this interview was published, many of you have asked “What happened to Justin?”  I asked Justin to answer that question for you. Here is his answer:

 *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Hey Paul,

It’s been about six months since you invited me to sit on your show to discuss my interactions with church leaders and officials. The day I went on your show changed my life forever.

The weeks following the show I was left to evaluate my relationship with God and the Church. I was committed to stay and to work through my faith crisis. I was committed to do everything it took to “remain in the fold.”

During the weeks following the show I had to request the assistance of an attorney. Ecclesiastical leaders of mine showed hostility towards me in emails and voicemails. The Church asked that I delete all my emails from their Correlation Dept and other depts to remove all proof of discussions. I wasn’t expecting an apology, Elder Oaks made it clear that the Church does not apologize. I wasn’t expecting an apology but I was expecting any threats either, I was wrong on the latter.

The hostility that I encountered by my ward leaders added to my anxiety that already existed. Trying to find room for myself, and others with beliefs like my own, I was left with no choice but to resign through the means of an attorney. It was denied when I asked to remove my records directly to my bishop, and after further hostility, I had to move forward with an attorney.

For the past few months I’ve been faced with difficult emotions. I’m still processing my faith crisis which I’ve been struggling with for over a year. I’m trying to figure out if I’ll ever participate in another religion. Im trying to figure out what my life has in store for me. In fact, I sometimes refer to Mormons as “we” as if I’m still in the Church. A part of my heart will always remain Mormon, and I welcome and cherish that. “Do what is right and let the consequence follow” is one of the many Mormon phrases and beliefs that I will always hold close to my heart.

Closing that chapter of my life has been painful, but I welcome the new chapter with hope and excitement.

Your friend,


*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *


My letter to Utah Senators regarding medical marijuana

I’ve been asked to share the email that I’ve been sending to members of the Utah Senate.  The text of that email is below.  A couple of things worth noting:

  • If you want to know who your Senator and Representative are, use this awesome tool. It will pull them up and give you an easy way to email them: goo.gl/omGflb
  • I began by writing to my senator. He’s on board to vote YES. In my email to him, I indicated in the first line that I am a constituent of his. This is important, as legislators give priority to correspondence from members of their districts.
  • I’ve also written to other members of the Senate from around the state, even though I am not one of their constituents. It can’t hurt to let them know they are being watched. As the bill moves along, there will be specific Representatives and Senators who we will need to put pressure on. Join my email list; I’ll keep you posted on who they are. Join here: http://eepurl.com/wMkL9

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

Dear Senator _____,
I am writing in regards to SB73, on behalf of my father, who is a survivor of esophageal cancer.  This horrible disease necessitated the removal of his whole esophagus and moving his stomach into his upper chest cavity.  Aside from cancer, he is disabled from a severe motorcycle accident he experienced in Logan Canyon during his 20’s.  The combination of these things have left him with many chronic conditions including loss of appetite and (inability to keep weight on / undernourishment), tongue paralysis, nausea, persistent dizziness, and depression.  His doctor, Dr. Michael Stones in Logan, has searched for an anti-depressant that he can safely chew instead of swallow. Only one drug exists that he can chew. The drugs side effects are dizziness and fatigue, which will only make his other conditions worse.  Even if he were to try to tolerate the side effects, the medication must be taken for 6 weeks before it takes effect.

There are countless documented cases of whole plant cannabis being a safe treatment for nausea, appetite loss, and depression – and the effects are immediate.  My father is 77 years old and probably doesn’t have a lot of years left, particularly if his conditions are not abated.  It would be nice for his last years to be as pleasant as possible. Cannabis is non-toxic and when consumed as an edible, has zero negative physical side effects.   He would be able to safely and easily eat edibles (brownies, cookies, etc).  Medical cannabis is also far less expensive than the drugs that he has to take to treat these problems.

If he doesn’t get these things under control, he will soon be forced to have a feeding tube which would exacerbate many of his other problems. My mother, who takes care of him, has to take work off every time he falls, has a doctor appointment, or other wise needs attention due to his condition. Her missing work creates additional expense for them. They are already very poor and cannot afford this.

Under SB89, my father would not qualify to have medicinal cannabis, nor would the cannabis products proposed by SB89 help him, even if he could have it. He needs the therapeutic benefits of the “entourage effect”, which are the compounded benefits that come only from whole plant cannabis.  SB89 is not good enough and we will not stand for it.

The LDS Church’s opposition to SB73 and acceptance of SB89 needs no introduction at this point. I absolutely support The Church’s right to create it’s own codes of conduct for it’s own members and to enforce then however they want, within the construct of the religion. The Church is endeavoring to influence policy for Utahns that may or may not be a part of their organization. Furthermore – The Church’s opposition to SB73 and non-opposition of SB89 has been made clear: they object to THC in the medicine.   The LDS Church makes no policies regarding the injestion of medications obtained via a doctor’s prescription and pharmacy.  Please consider this:  Marinol is a drug used to reduce nasuea and increase appetite in cancer patients. Marinol is simply man made THC.  At present, if a patient were to be prescribed Marinol, the LDS Church would have no problem with it.  Unless the LDS Church is willing to come out in public opposition to the prescription of Marinol, it would seem that it’s opposition of SB73 is rather dubious.  The bottom line here is the importance of taking cues from your constituents rather than the lobbyists from the LDS Church (or any corporation, for that matter).

Please vote in favor of SB73.   I am also respectfully informing you that I will be watching to see how you vote on this.  I am involved in the media in Salt Lake City, and have a nationally syndicated radio show.  Should you vote against SB73, I (and many other media personnel) will make sure that everyone knows you were one of those that opposed this compassionate measure. Should SB73 be defeated, an army of enraged and highly motivated citizens will organize a ballot initiative for full legalization of cannabis, taking the power of this issue out of the hands of the Legislature. Survey after survey show that a majority of Utahns favor medical cannabis. We WILL win at this stage. Furthermore, we WILL make sure that every Senator and Representative who votes against SB73 will pay for it at the voting booth when it’s time for re-election.  If careful regulation is your concern, voting for SB73 is your only realistic option.

Thank you for your time and attention to this important matter. Thank you in advance for your vote in favor of a compassionate solution to the suffering of my father and thousands of other Utahns.

best regards,
Paul Duane

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Host / Executive Producer
Catalyst Magazine
K-Talk 630 AM
Utah Libertarian Party

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Catching up with Cat Palmer

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Cat Palmer is an institution of Salt Lake City, and one of my most dear friends. We’ve done many interviews on the radio, but lets be honest. The FCC regulations prevented us from ever sharing our most interesting conversations with you.

I fixed that problem.

The Paul Duane Show is now totally independently produced!  I’ve backed away from traditional broadcast radio to focus on serving my Internet radio / podcast listeners.

On today’s show, Cat and I discuss everything from her various art projects, the history of Playboy, her grooming habits “down there”, and her very first shoot featuring men.

Check out the Salt Lake Tribune’s write up on Cat’s “Last Supper” shoot:  http://www.sltrib.com/entertainment/2963981-155/salt-lake-city-photographer-sets-table




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