Holst would have played heavy metal

Jarom Bischoff of Exigent Records, and founder of the CrucialFest hardcore music festival in Salt Lake City, Utah, gave a brilliant tour of heavy music for the uninitiated.  Bischoff is an articulate fan of music – of all genres – and gave a compelling and nuanced explanation of what heavy music does for the soul.


Heavy / hardcore music may feel like a new phenomenon in the history of music… but its not. Humans have always sought ways to express the bigger, darker emotions.  Take Gustav Holst, for instance, who was composing in the late 1800’s. Listen to this and imagine it performed by a metal band:

Here are some of the songs that Jarom provided during his musical tour:

Converge – Jane Doe  https://youtu.be/zLRYREmJqho

Ides of Gemini:  https://idesofgemini.bandcamp.com/album/old-world-new-wave

Author & Punisher “Terrorbird” https://youtu.be/jjlBOPLWZyw

Subrosa – No Help for the Mighty Ones https://youtu.be/Xjo-aE8PIGQ


Featured CrucialFest bands:

Goatsnake – Playing Saturday June 20th at Urban Lounge

“Elevated Man” from their new album, “Black Age Blues”



Dead Meadow – Playing Friday June 19th at Urban Lounge

“Sleepy Silver Door” from their Self Titled album

Dead Meadow – Sleepy Silver Door


Royal Thunder – Playing Thursday June 18th at Area 51

“Time Machine” from the album, “Crooked Doors, (Deluxe Version)”



Ides of Gemini – Playing Friday June 19th at Area 51, Early Show

“Black Door” from the album, “Old World New Wave”



Kowloon Walled City – Playing Saturday June 20th at Area 51, Early Show

“The Pressure Keeps Me Alive” from the album, “Container Ships”



La Verkin – Playing Thursday June 18th at Area 51, Early Show, 21+ Stage

“Trickle Down” from the album, “Judge the Judger”


CrucialFest happens June 18 – 20 in Salt Lake City.   Get tickets and info at:  CrucialFest.com


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