Chef J. Looney: your relationship to food

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Ah, it’s the Holiday season, and regardless of your culture, holidays mean…


Here’s the thing. I love food. So much. It’s one of my drugs of choice. When I had the opportunity to meet with Chef J. Looney to talk about the finer points of food, I jumped at the chance.  Chef J. Looney is a passionate man when it comes to food; he can talk to you about the food experience from the molecular to the spiritual – and in the course of two episodes, he does just that.

We talk about food. Where it comes from. Our relationship to it.


We meditate upon the food.

A McDonald’s Cheeseburger, to be precise.

That’s right. I am hoping that by the time you read this line, and before you’ve listened to the last 30 min of the show, you’ve got a McDonald’s Cheeeseburger in your hands.

Trust me on this.

Chef J. Looney takes us on a guided meditation of appreciation …. of food… with a McD’s Cheesburger.

Chef J. Looney’s conversation skills are vastly eclipsed by his food skills. Chef J runs a private chef service, high end catering, as well as Utah’s most awarded food truck: The Chow Truck.

Book Chef J as your personal chef, or bring is catering to your next event. Chef J / The Chow Truck can be contacted in the following ways:

Check out the bonus episode of listener Q&A with Chef J here:

A few photos I’ve done of food being prepared to his specifications on The Chow Truck:


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