Chef J. Looney: your relationship to food


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Chef J. Looney: your relationship to food

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Ah, it’s the Holiday season, and regardless of your culture, holidays mean…


Here’s the thing. I love food. So much. It’s one of my drugs of choice. When I had the opportunity to meet with Chef J. Looney to talk about the finer points of food, I jumped at the chance.  Chef J. Looney is a passionate man when it comes to food; he can talk to you about the food experience from the molecular to the spiritual – and in the course of two episodes, he does just that.

We talk about food. Where it comes from. Our relationship to it.


We meditate upon the food.

A McDonald’s Cheeseburger, to be precise.

That’s right. I am hoping that by the time you read this line, and before you’ve listened to the last 30 min of the show, you’ve got a McDonald’s Cheeeseburger in your hands.

Trust me on this.

Chef J. Looney takes us on a guided meditation of appreciation …. of food… with a McD’s Cheesburger.

Chef J. Looney’s conversation skills are vastly eclipsed by his food skills. Chef J runs a private chef service, high end catering, as well as Utah’s most awarded food truck: The Chow Truck.

Book Chef J as your personal chef, or bring is catering to your next event. Chef J / The Chow Truck can be contacted in the following ways:

Check out the bonus episode of listener Q&A with Chef J here:

A few photos I’ve done of food being prepared to his specifications on The Chow Truck:


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Victory Lap

Hugh Hefner is on his victory lDI want to be a bad ass. I know it's the most un-bad ass thing to say, but I'm not gonna lie to you.

Do you ever wonder about those people who just seem to be larger than life? I do.  I want to be one of them. I’m not gonna risk looking pretentious to you and pretentiously claim that I don’t want to be a bad ass.

We all know of one of these kind of people:  They emerged from the womb winning. They are more intelligent, artistic, healthy, attractive, philosophical, patriotic, athletic, eloquent, and affluent than everyone else, without even trying. And when they DO try… whoah.  They become rock stars virtually overnight.

I’m starting to think reincarnation is real.  I have this theory:  Once you’ve lived many times and mastered all of life’s lessons, and are about to transcend to Godhood / nirvana / heaven / whatever, God gives you one more incarnation on earth:  a victory lap.

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