Mike Weinholtz For Governor (a Democrat in Utah!)

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I’m not a Democrat.  I’m not a Republican, either.

I’m for personal freedom, wherever that shows up.

In Utah, our legislature is overrun by Republicans who have taken their office and responsibilities for granted. They have abused their power and forsaken transparency.

Enter Mike Weinholtz:

The former CEO and current Chairman of CHG Healthcare Services, Mike knows a thing or two about leadership that inspires.  By putting the interests of patients, clients, and employees first – he’s created a company culture that has given rise to the most profitable business in their sector.

Put people first, and success follows, he says.

I’m fascinated to think of what a Weinholtz Governorship would look like juxtaposed against our grossly overrun Republican Legislature. Check out the interview, let me know what you think.  Follow Mike’s candidacy at: www.MikeForUtah.com 

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