Poetic, Prophetic, or Psychotic? Dream Analysis with Machiel Klerk

Today, Machiel Klerk of the Jung Society of Utah joined me to talk about dreams.  Dreams can be bewildering, often leading us to question whether they are poetic, prophetic, or just plain psychotic.  A licensed therapist and expert in Jungian dream analysis, Machiel shared perspectives and helped interpret dreams from many of our callers.

Check out the upcoming lecture, free to the public, sponsored by the Jung Society: O My Prophetic Soul! Dreams, Visions, Revelations by Michael Vannoy Adams  https://www.facebook.com/events/318317051688336/

Learn more about the Jung Society of Utah or book a session with Machiel Klerk at www.jungutah.com

Speaking of dreams… a friend recently introduced me to a great film about dreams: “Waking Life”. It’s fun, quirky, and a fantastic mind-trip.

One of my favorite moments from the film:

Listen to the interview with Machiel ↓

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