Devin Townsend Listening Party 17 Sept 2015

One of the finer pleasures in life is that of listening to a great album from start to finish, on an exceptional sound system, in beautiful surroundings with a delicious drink in hand.  The only way to make that situation even better, is to share it with like minded friends.

Such was the occasion on the night of 17 September. A crew of music lovers and Devin Townsend fans gathered at E3 Modern for a listening party. We took in Devin Townsend’s latest work, “Casualties Of Cool” on E3’s absolutely breathtaking sound system. The sound system itself is a work of art – all components hand machined, exposed vacuum tubes serving both function and aesthetics.  Five Wives Vodka and Bohemian Brewery kept the audience refreshed with cocktails and exceptional beer.  One of the finer points of a listening session is being able to read along with the lyrics and liner notes as the album plays, every person had a print out of the album lyrics, to read along as the record played.

Following the album, the real treat of the evening began…

Devin Townsend himself Skyped in to our party to do an audience Q&A.  It was absolutely brilliant to watch fans sit down, one at a time, and ask Devin questions about the music.  He took over an hour to answer questions at length. I’m confident that those who were not initially fans of Townsend’s work, became such by the end of the night.

Many thanks to E3 Modern, Five Wives Vodka, Bohemian Brewery, Steve Soelberg, Devin’s Manager Jasper Schurrmans, and Devin Townsend for this magical evening of music appreciation.

Pick up Casualties of Cool on vinyl or CD:   (P.S.  buy the album, on vinyl or CD. There is a second disc of bonus content that is not available on Spotify and it’s fucking gorgeous, totally worth owning).

Listen on Spotify:


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