#zebralivesmatter thank god cecil is dead meme
Cecil The Lion meme. Thank God Cecil is Dead #ZebraLivesMatter by The Paul Duane Show

Thank God Cecil Is Dead #ZebraLivesMatter

But seriously folks…

I am not a member of the ASPCA, PETA, NARA, WARN, SAFE, or any other organization about animals. It’s just not something that takes priority in my 24 short hours every day. That being said, I do think the hunting of rare animals is pretty messed up, but it’s a position I only casually hold. I’m not informed. I just like the idea of Spaceship Planet Earth being having lots of big, glorious awesome animals… but not enough to have become an activist before Cecil’s untimely demise. Rich dudes with weapons have been hunting big animals for “fun” ever since we figured out how to kill them and not be killed by them. This is ooooooold news. While I encourage you to get really angry about rich dudes shooting endangered animals for fun, while I absolutely encourage you to boycott their businesses, just know that I might boycott you on Facebook. If you have been a dues paying, card carying activist before last week – GO NUTS. This is your time to shine. I like to think of my Facebook feed as a refuge for another highly endangered species: Interesting Humans.

#zebralivesmatter Thank God Cecil is dead
Cecil The Lion meme. Thank God Cecil is Dead #ZebraLivesMatter by The Paul Duane Show

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