Rocky Anderson takes on the Commission on Presidential Debates

On today’s show, former SLC Mayor Rocky Anderson joined us to discuss an important lawsuit that he’s involved with.  Anderson is part of a legal team that is suing the Commission on Presidential Debates in an antitrust lawsuit that sees to dismantle the Commission and return Presidential Debates to the open forum they  were meant to be.  If they win this lawsuit, this will have massive effects in the political landscape of America, making it possible for 3rd party candidates to get a fair shot in the debates, and thus, the polls.  Please consider supporting the legal fund for this important battle. Learn more and support the cause at

Where do presidential debates come from?

But seriously – Mayor Anderson gave us a great primer on the history of presidential debates, where they went wrong, and what he’s doing to fix it.  Give the show a listen!  Earlier in the show, I spent some time talking about Edward Snowden and NSA spying.  Check out these stories of the NSA spying on all communications from everyone in the SLC area during the 2002 Olympics. If you lived here during that time, all of your emails, texts, calls, have been recorded:

Here’s the John Oliver video I played and promised. Spoiler alert: includes real Russians, patriotic “truck nuts”, and John Oliver delivering the best interview of Edward Snowden known to mankind.

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