Cocktail Contest!

Win $100!  Here’s the deal:

We are going to have a signature cocktail at The Paul Duane Show – a drink that is served exclusively at the show.  I want your input. Submit your best vodka based cocktail recipe for the chance to have your creation adopted as The Official Paul Duane Show Cocktail!  Our awesome sponsor, Five Wives Vodka, will give $100 cash to the winner of this contest.   Simply submit your recipe using the form below.  There are just a few rules that must be followed to keep the recipe within the legal serving limits set by the DABC.    Our venue has to be able to legally mix and pour the drink at the fivewives1show, so if you want your recipe considered, follow those rules.

  1. Your cocktail must be based on a 1 oz pour of Five Wives Vodka (Available at all Utah State Liquor Stores)
  2. You may use up to 3 different liquors for flavorings, of up to 1/2 oz each.
  3. No single liquor may be present in more than 1 oz in the mix.

The winner will be announced at the 19 July show! The winner will receive $100 cash and will have the honor of having their recipe served up as the official show cocktail during each show.  Entries must be received by 12:00noon on 16 July in order to be considered.

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