Jeffrey Berke and Cat Palmer

We do a dual topic show today, talking about domestic violence and then the new broadway-class theater that’s being built in downtown Salt Lake City!

From the monologue:

SLC artist Cat Palmer joins us to talk about a panel she’s moderating on Domestic Violence (by the time this is published, the panel will be over, sadly).

A very crazy documentary about the worst child in history:

Jeffrey Berke, SVP Operations and Marketing from GTS Development, joined us to dish out the details on the new Eccles Theater performing arts center in downtown SLC!  The new theater will be a world class, Broadway style theater that will feature a steady bill of 1st run Broadway productions, concerts, comedy, and other performing arts that Utah has never hosted before.

Some artist’s renderings of the new theater:


phoca_thumb_l_2014-02-02_UPAC_Hall_Adjust kh

Listen to the show ↓


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