It’s what they aren’t telling you that should concern you the most

The story I spent most of the show talking about has extremely troubling layers.

Layer #1: Senator Mitch Mcconnell from Kentucky has a very wealthy father in law who regularly pumps him full of cash, making him one of the richest senators in the land. He runs an ocean freight company. One of his ships was just found to be smuggling a large quantity of cocaine.  Super naughty, super not surprising.  Super disgusting because of Mcconnell’s various anti-drug stances over the years.

Layer #2: I first learned about this story on 8 November via this story:    It’s been 2 days, and thus far, not a single main stream media source has said a word about the story. 

You see the meaningless tripe that gets shoved in your ear and eye holes every day by the MSM in the name of “news”… far more trivial things have been given substantial air time. This story, however, has received NONE. I published this blog post on 10 November. I don’t know what date it is when you are reading it, but go ahead and Google “Senator Mitch Mcconnell cocaine” and just see what comes up.  See if any mainstream media sources are reporting on it yet. As of today, none of them are.

That, my friends, is all you need to know about the main stream media.

President Obama supporting Net Neutrality:

Some thoughts on how democracy may be upgraded to fit the 21st Century:

A little song dedication to Senator Mcconnell:

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