Tinfoil Hat Tues: Paul and Jake argue about ghosts

On today’s edition of Tinfoil Hat Tuesday, we spend 2 hours listening to people call in and

  • claim to have had personal contact with a supernatural being or phenomenon
  • despite this experience, claim they do not believe in ghosts
  • instead say they believe in “energy”
  • try to make a meaningful distinction between believing in ghosts and believing in “energy”

It was crazy.  We talked about the toilet paper ghost I’ve been dealing with. Callers kept us rolling with stories and questions!  Jake Garn – photographer – not – astronaut and I flipped a coin a few times during the show to determine who would argue for, and against, the existence of ghosts.  We even flip flopped a few times for your listening pleasure.  Good times.

Listen to the show here ↓

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