Michael Marcial of Salt Lake Young Professionals

WOW, what a show. So much to say!  In the first half of the show, we covered everything from the USU victory over BYU,  The Neon Trees, a protest held by families and advocates of those who have lost someone to police violence, and yes…. the recent SCOTUS defacto ruling on Gay Marriage.

“If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice!”- Neil Peart, Freewill:  http://youtu.be/bpOyQhgM1FU

In summary, this is what I think about the situation as it pertains to Utah:


The phones were ringing like crazy and I got to as many calls as possible. Sadly I wasn’t able to answer all of your calls. We’ll open up the phone lines again tomorrow.


Networking!  If you are a person with a thing that you want to do more of / better, you need other people. Other people need you.  Networking is how those connections are made. Michael Marcial from Salt Lake Young Professionals joined us to talk about perfecting your elevator pitch, 3 simple keys to a good first impression, and some thoughts about your business card design.

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