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strangeattractorOne year ago next week, Ktalk host Jake Shannon handed the show off to me.  It was time for Jake to dedicate time to some other interests… he is a man of many interests. Today, he joined me in the studio to catch up on post-radio-show life.  Chief among them has been the publication of his latest book, “Strange Attractor – Discordian Libertarian Writings of Jake Shannon”.   From the back cover:

WARNING: This book contains lots of frank talk about sex, drugs, religion, politics, wrestling, hypnotism, family, and financial engineering plus a lot of big words that may ultimately require a dictionary in a sincere attempt to provoke thought and maybe even laughter. The genetic descendant of Irish Anarchist Kings, Jake Shannon has been called many things but for the sake of persuading you to buy his book some of the nicer things have included; “the most interesting man in the liberty movement”, “human swiss army knife” and “iconoclast”. In this collection of writings that are both sharp and blunt, Jake Shannon attempts to brilliantly solve all the problems of the world. Whether he succeeds or fails miserably is up to you, our noble reader. I mean who the hell are we to tell you what to think?

Buy your copy here:

From my monologue:

Jake Recommends: I Am Hollywood with Andy Kaufman:

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