John Hilder and Ben Dieterle’s Hang

John Hilder, a brilliant stand up comic from Las Vegas, joined me in the studio to talk about his first time, Robin Williams, and why comedy worries his mother.


Hilder keeps a busy schedule, touring nationally.  Connect with John here to find out where he’ll be performing next:

Have you ever heard of a Hang?  It’s pronounced “hong”, looks like a UFO, and is the youngest new musical instrument on the scene. The Hang was invented in 2000 by a couple of engineers. Despite it’s newness, it creates sounds that hearken to much older times. Hang player Ben Dieterle joined us to play the Hang and shared a lot of fascinating information about it.


Ben will be performing at Poplar Street Pub in Salt Lake City on Saturday, 23 Aug at 4pm.  242 South 200 West.

Check out more of Ben’s music at

More info on these instruments and the hilarious controversy surrounding them:


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