Jose Bacio, gay marriage, and the national lipstick shortage



SLC comedian Jose Bacio joined me on the show today for a truly special episode.  Listen to the show to hear some of the best one liners on the show yet, including:

“If we allow gay marriage, and everyone turns gay, who will mow all of the lawns?”

“All white people are Christians”

“If we allow gay marriage, we’ll have a national shortage of lipstick and rouge.”

“I’m concerned about a national outbreak of anal cancer”

“We should round up all of the gays and send them off to their own island.”

“You guys are working for the devil”

I shit you not, folks.  Pop some popcorn, pour up a nice tall cocktail with some Five Wives Vodka, and enjoy the show!

I proposed that this kid recieve the life sentence and become the Nelson Mandella of stoners accross America:   (Okay, I don’t actually think he should get a life sentence. I think he should be allowed to enter his brownies in his local state fair).


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