Tiny Houses

Are you a home owner? Have you steered clear of the massive financial commitment of home ownership? Is there a creative alternative to the 30 year mortgage and renting?  I’m not so sure that home ownership in America is really creating an “American Dream” for people.  We’ve been brought up to believe that in order to be worthwhile citizens in America, we must have a mortgage with the largest house we can justifiably afford attached to it.  There’s an entirely different way to think about home ownership:  Tiny houses.  On today’s show, Jessica Judy Gilmore talks to us about the Tiny House movement.

*NOTE* We had a technical difficulty in the studio that prevented us from recording the first segment of our conversation, but we were able to record the majority of the show.

Jessie Gilmore discusses the tiny house movement and the construction of her own. Photo courtesy of Dave Brewer / SLC Photo Collective.

Interesting links to info about Tiny Houses:






And most importantly, check out Jessie Gilmore’s Salt Lake City based tiny house project here:




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