We Are Alchemists

hst_galaxy[1]If we are something more significant than a random carbon cycle in some corner of the Milky Way, I am confident that our purpose in life is to learn to transmute energy into matter. Our purpose is to become more like the creative force that wrought us into existence. Our life’s work is to learn the art and science of creation. We are here to conjure up ideas, learn to impart them with spiritual energy so that we can not just imagine our goals, but taste, feel, smell them… and then to finally learn to marshal the unorganized matter that is around us and form it into the physical manifestation of that which was first merely an idea. If we are something more than a random carbon cycle, it doesn’t really matter WHAT we do… the only really significant thing is that we DO, and learn the laws of transmutation of energy into form. We become Alchemists. In that regard, our Creator only wants for us what WE want – because ultimately, what’s significant is not necessarily what kinds of widgets we decide to create, but that we get on with the business of creating them.

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