10 Things I Want You To Know About Your Boudoir Photo Shoot


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10 Things I Want You To Know About Your Boudoir Photo Shoot

Boudoir photography is a fascinating realm. It’s fun, sexy, and sometimes you learn some new things about yourself. I’ve been doing boudoir photography for over ten years, and have learned a lot during that time.  Here are some things I want you to know as you prepare for your boudoir session:

  1. There are no perfect bodies – only smartly composed photographs of them.  I’ve seen them all. Even the ones that look like they will be “flawless”, aren’t, so let yourself off the hook. Please don’t compare yourself to other people – you have your own unique kind of beauty. Revel in that, because that’s what I’m going to want to photograph.
  2. The sexiest move you can make has to do with your eyes. No matter how much, or how little clothing you are wearing, your eyes are the star of the show in a photograph.  Resist the urge to hide your eyes with too much makeup,  excessive eye makeup gobbles up the light. If for some reason I feel like your eyes makeup needs accentuating, I can easily do that in photoshop. I cannot, however, remove eye makeup in photoshop.
  3. Speaking of things that are impossible to fix in photoshop: tan lines, sun burns, and botox overdoses. Do not do any of these things before your shoot. Seriously. If you end up catching some rays before your shoot, do it naked.
  4. Boudoir can mean a lot of things – from a cute flirty picture of you in a tank top and jeans, to a completely nude and erotic photograph.  It’s totally your call. We’ll talk about what kinds of photos and what your photographic boundaries are, a few days before the shoot, so that you and I both know exactly what to expect on the day of your shoot. This is essential to you being able to relax into the situation and really enjoy the process.
  5. We’ll have an honest talk about your strong points and your weak points. We’ll choose clothing, angles, and lighting that accentuate your best parts and downplay your weak points.
     black and white boudoir portrait SLC Utah
  6. I can add or subtract 20 lbs with the use of light and shadow, so waiting to do your shoot until you lose that last 10 lbs is totally pointless. Seize the day, my friend. Do it today or do it in 6 months after you’ve attained a major personal goal… “next month” is a pretty little lie you tell yourself, and it never actually happens.
  7. Do what you need to do in order to feel really sexy and sensual before, and during the shoot. Give yourself a spa day, take an extra long bath, hit the gym, meditate, spend some intimate time with your partner, have a glass of wine…whatever.  Know yourself and put yourself in your most sexy state of mind before your shoot. It will show. Your job is to relax into your sensuality, my job is to create a safe, fun, creative, professional atmosphere for that to happen.
  8. Boudoir photography is an investment in an experience you’ll be able to talk about – and show off – for the rest of your life.You should plan on spending between $500 – $1500.
  9. Look “normal” – though I can bring in a superb hair & makeup artist, I prefer for you to look like… YOU. Please resist the temptation to do something really different, or to try too hard with your hair & makeup, as well. When all is said and done, I want you too look at your photos and be able to say, “Good Lord, I didn’t realize how pretty I am on a regular basis!” rather than, “Sigh… this was the only day of my life that I actually ever looked like this”.
  10. I can photoshop things. Yes. If you break out with a zit, have a scar, or some other blemish that is bumming you out, I can make that go away very easily. Can I photoshop you to look more skinny? Please see #9

Click here to see more of my black and white photography, color photography, and boudoir photography.

My approach to photography is best summed up in the words of Dr Ferdinand Porsche (yes, the creator of the Porsche sports car):

“If you can create something time cannot erode, something which ignores the eccentricities of particular eras or moments, something truly timeless, this is the ultimate victory.”

Getting started is easy. Call or email for your free consultation:

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Review: Angel 15 by Hosieree

I checked the mail and found a large envelope from one of my favorite hosiery retailers, Hosieree.com. Inside were a couple of pairs of their new seamless pantyhose. One pair for me, one for my model to show off in front of the camera. I love my job.

Europeans do it better. I don’t know what the deal is, but European hosiery mills just create nylons, tights, and pantyhose that look and feel vastly better than anything from American hosiery companies. Those of you who say you hate wearing hosiery owe it to yourself to try some of the better European brands. Here’s the kicker – they are often the same price as the garbage you are buying from American hosiery makers.  “Where can I buy these fine European nylons that you speak of?”, you ask?  Hosieree.com is my favorite, because they are based in the USA (New Jersey), and they ship very quickly.

Today we are reviewing one of Hosieree’s in-house styles, the Angel 15 seamless pantyhose. It’s a seamless style, which means that there are no seams in the panty portion. Normal tights have a seam that runs up the front and back and is joined in the crotch area with a cotton patch called the “gusset”. NONE of that exists on these. The same sheer, silky fabric of the leg just continues all the way up to the waist, every square inch, uninterrupted. It’s kind of crazy to look at them and wonder how in the world they knit these things. I have no clue. Magic, I suppose. The result is that they FEEL like magic.


Wearing tip:  Go commando when you wear these. Wearing anything underneath them totally defeats the purpose of a pair of nylons that won’t create lines, and, they just feel really good on your skin.  I’d consider these low-rise, as they will sit pretty low on your hips. For those of you that are used to old school pantyhose that go half way up your rib cage, this is a completely different situation.  There is plenty of length in the leg. For those of you who are a bit taller or hate feeling your nylons sag in the crotch, you will love the Angel 15’s.

Construction features: They are billed as being 15 denier (denier refers to the thickness of the fabric, the higher the number, the thicker and more opaque it is). They feel more like a 12 denier, for what it’s worth.  Some hosiery feel slippery and shiny on your skin – these feel soft and have a more matte appearance. My model, Allison obviously is wearing a black pair.

pd angel 15 _edit

Ever seen a man wearing nylons and heels? Here you go. I’m wearing them in Daino, which is their slightly darker nude tone. I have very fair skin, and still these managed to disappear onto my legs, making them look more even toned and like I actually spend time in the sun.  They do have a seam in the toe, but no reinforcement, so if you want to wear open toed shoes, it’s possible – just tuck that seam away. Let’s be honest though. If you are going to wear hosiery, wear closed toe shoes. If you MUST wear open toed shoes, it’s not a hosiery day.


Click here to get your Angel 15’s at Hosieree.com

All of these photographs are my work. If you’d like to book me for photography, click here.  Okay, a few more pictures of Allison. She’s just so pretty….







Confessions Of A Boudoir Photographer

For the past decade, I’ve been in the rather odd position of getting paid to have women get naked, or nearly so, in front of my camera. Some are for commercial clients such as hosiery companies. Some are everyday people who want to give sexy photos to someone special as a gift. Sometimes that special someone is themselves.  Here are a few things I’ve learned along the way about myself, people, and life:

  1. _DSC5635watermarkedThere are no perfect bodies. No matter how amazing you think someone looks on the street, those clothes hide some secrets. Everyone, no matter how seemingly perfect, has something that must be “dealt with” either in Photoshop, or in their own mind.
  2. I feel a lot of pressure:  Our society is saturated with images of perfection, and none of us are totally immune to it. I feel a huge responsibility to make my clients look amazing. It’s one thing to  make someone look kind of chubby when they are in their Christmas sweater… it’s another matter when they have put themselves in the most vulnerable spot imaginable: naked in front of a stranger holding a camera. One wrong angle, lighting pattern, or critique of a photo could leave someone worse than I found them. Of course, the opportunity exists to create something that really lifts them up and makes them feel more beautiful. Either way, the fewer clothes, the higher the stakes. It’s a painstaking process.
  3. Everyone wonders if there’s anything sexy happening off camera. The answer is no.
  4. Editorial portraiture is more interesting to me than sexy photos.  Yes, sexy is fun to shoot, absolutely… and expression is even more fun. 
  5. I don’t get hot and bothered over nudity anymore. I love the female form. It is poetic. Like  rock star on stage with a guitar and streaming lights, like the angular Teton Mountains, its curves and texture and mystery begs to be photographed. And sure, I used to be more easily amused when I was a younger man. Now, it’s just part of the job, just another body. There’s one caveat: To my lover, girlfriend or wife: when you share your nakedness with me, with intention, in the context of our love connection, your bare flesh fascinates and excites me endlessly. It’s all about the connection.

    Helmut Newton quote "the photographs don't arouse me"

    Helmut Newton quote “the photographs don’t arouse me”

  6. Sexy is a state of mind. It’s all about feeling gratitude for your physical being. It’s about reveling in your 5 senses. It’s about enjoying your sexual nature without any shame. If you don’t feel sexy, there’s nothing I’ll be able to do photographically to change your mind about that. Please, be nice to yourself. Love yourself. Learn to feel really good in your own skin.
  7. The Last 1o lbs are a lie part 1: Oh, how I wish I could have a dime for every person who has said, “As soon as I lose 10 more pounds, I’m in coming in for photos”.  It never happens. Also, it doesn’t matter because I can sculpt the light and add or subtract “20lbs” from you by moving the light just a few inches.
  8. The Last 1o lbs are a lie part 2: I’ll make this personal, tell me if you can relate. I have often created some kind of line in the sand, a “finish line” of sorts, that when I cross it, I’ll allow myself to be happy / worthy / sexy / whatever/. The line either constantly moves, or when I cross it I find that I’m not much happier than I was before, and create another one to chase after.  Happiness / sexiness / worthiness is something I can give myself permission to feel right now. Today. The second I place it out there in “tomorrow”, I’ve lost a small battle with my own shame. Give yourself permission to be amazing TODAY. You aren’t going to do it tomorrow. I promise. Do it today. Like, right now, while you are reading this.
  9. My mother and I don’t talk about my work.
  10. Being on set is pretty boring.  If you were a fly on the wall, this is what you would see and hear:“Ah, okay… you look gorgeous right there. I love the way your breasts look in that light…”
    [adjust a studio light]”How’s your boyfriend doing these days?”[click, click]
    “Stop! Okay. To the right a little…”
    [try a different f-stop or aperture setting]”Yeah? I bet Hawaii would be an amazing spot for your anniversary”[click]
    “Alright, you look constipated. Breathe a little..”
    [goddammit, my light trigger didn’t work…]
    “Step toward me 3 and a half inches. NO MORE. come, come, come. STOP! Too far… go back. okay, almost there…””Do you think you’ll end up having any kids someday?”
    [hoping we get this shot in before the sun goes down and kills this great window light]
    “Suck in… belly in…. suck ! SUCK IN! HOLD IT… okay… GOOD!”[click click click click]
    [hate having to tell women to suck in their belly even when they don’t seem to have one]”Yeah, I’ve got two daughters, 16 and 18, they are awesome…”
  11. Playboy used to be fun. Now it’s about the articles. And how to properly set up lighting for skin.  Those guys are masters.


    Not my photo… this glorious capture of the lovely Pamela Anderson was featured in Playboy Magazine in 1994

  12. Being a straight guy is a liability from a marketing perspective. See point #3 again.
  13. I’m in it for the money.  Look. I love photography, but I love riding my motorcycle even more.  If the money is right, I can be talked off of my bike, and into the studio. Regarding boudoir –   I’m really good at it, I create a very comfortable and positive experience for you, and that’s worth a lot of money. Also. Motorcycles are expensive. 😎
  14. I’ve seen lives change because of boudoir photography. One in particular comes to mind. I’ll call her “Rachel”. She entered my studio a plain-jane athletic type on the tail end of a failing marriage. Months later, I met her again. She almost looked like a different person. She was radiant, dressed in sexy, classy feminine ways, carried herself differently, and most importantly, started commanding the respect of people around her. She left her abusive husband, her business started booming, and she attracted an amazing love into her life. She explained, “I didn’t know that I other people could see me like that until I saw it in your studio”. This will forever be one of the high points of my photography career.

No matter what style I’m shooting, my artistic standard is best summed up in the words of Dr. Ferry Porsche, designer of the iconic sports car by the same name:

“If you can create something time cannot erode, something which ignores the eccentricities of particular eras or moments, something truly timeless, this is the ultimate victory.”


See more of my boudoir work, click the pretty picture below:

I am currently accepting new portrait commissions, and am available for travel nationwide. Contact me to discuss your photo shoot.

much love –
Paul DuanePaul Duane Photo Logo 2014 BLACK 300 wide300dpi


A very sexy number: 1.6180339887…

Every great artist has his mark, some kind of trait that is uniquely his that shows up in all of his works…

golden meanDSC_9142

The fascination with the Golden Ratio is not confined just to mathematicians. Biologists, artists, musicians, historians, architects, psychologists, and even mystics have pondered and debated the basis of its ubiquity and appeal.

It has been said that our Creator’s artistic signature is the Golden Ratio, also known as the golden mean, the golden rectangle, or the Fibonacci Sequence. For those so inclined, you can read more about it here.  There are times, when I’m photographing a woman, that I feel like I’m seeing the face of God in  her form.  A woman is a sacred, mystical creature: she is the mother of all living. She is everything a man is not, she is the great mystery that we long to explore.



photography: unexpectedly profound

It’s been a little over 10 years since I started shooting professionally. It’s been a fascinating journey. Entering photography as a career was unexpected, and somewhat of a “plan B”.  Maybe even a “plan C” or “D”.  I used to joke about being a photographer for a living, but I never thought I’d actually do it.  During my psychology studies at USU, I encountered a major crisis of faith, to which my wife threatened to divorce me over. I reluctantly took a semester off from school to sort out my head and heart and attempt to save my family.  During that time some circumstances serendipitously appeared and I took a position as a partner in a prestigious photo studio. I was both elated and almost devastated. In psychology, I knew I’d have a career that would help people, that would leave the world a better place – and that’s always been a core value for me. Photography just seemed like shallow fun and games. What higher meaning could there be in photographing bratty 8 year old kids, middle aged women, and quarreling families with fake smiles at weddings?  I moved forward with my photography career with partly cloudy skies hanging over my heart – a good chance of showers. 

I am happy to report than in the 10 years since, I have found photography to be a visual psychology of sorts. It has allowed me to preserve moments, meet people, discover things in myself, and reveal a higher way in others.  In a spirit of gratitude, I want to share a few images and reasons that I truly love my craft:

Prior to her boudoir session, she dressed down. She cast her gaze down as she walked.  Call it self inflicted homeliness. She did not think herself a beautiful, powerful, intelligent, sensual woman… but she entertained the idea that she could be.  After her session, she moves through the world differently. She carries her head high. Men 20 years younger than her turn their heads as she walks past. She inspires respect and allure. She is realizing the full measure of her place as a woman in the world.  Being a part of this transformation was an awesome thing to witness.


Tina’s mother has been diagnosed with an advanced stage cancer not long before the wedding. In moments like these, the opportunity to capture family moments becomes poignant and irreplaceable.


I thought the matching RUSH T shirts would be the highlight of this father – son session…

 … But it got better:

Curt and Taft sat down for a moment after their shoot at my studio. I had a copy of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue sitting on a table. Taft (his 4 year old son) picked it up and began flipping through it. “Dad! It’s too big!”  “Dad, she’s naked!” he would say, pointing at the various swimsuit models. Rather than swipe the magazine away from Taft and instill shame into him for innocently perusing a magazine, Curt gave simple, age appropriate, fatherly explanations to everything Taft saw.  Limbic brain imprinting disaster averted. Well done, Curt.  Moments like this are priceless.


Any moron can make a baby. It takes someone special to make a family. My dear friend Jack has been one of the most influential people in my life. I credit much of who I am today to him. We played in a band together before I left for my mission. He and his family taught me many deep truths without words, only by example.  Many years later, he finally realized the dream of having a son of his own, and I’ve never seen him happier. The baby boy in that photograph is in for an amazing, wonderful, beautiful ride on planet Earth. I’m just grateful that I had the means to capture the moment.


One afternoon I came home to find “RoadRunner Records” on my caller ID. Yes, Roadrunner is the home label for my top 2 favorite bands of all time, RUSH and Porcupine Tree.  But there was something greater in store:

They are also home to legendary stand up comic Doug Stanhope. I had only heard his name before, but I had no sense of context of who he is. Stanhope filmed his most recent comedy special in Salt Lake City. They hired me to follow him around and photograph the whole evening. At this point, my ambitions to be a stand up comic were just whispers in the back of my head that I was too embarrassed to acknowledge. It’s been 8 months since I came out of the closet as an aspiring stand up comic.  The reason any of this matters, is that I’ve discovered comedy to be a soul-aligning path. In the quest toward learning to be funny on stage, I’ve discovered things about myself that I never would have found otherwise. I now have an appreciation for the greatness of the man I was paid to hang out with back stage and on stage that fateful August afternoon. It was an honor and privilege that was wholly unbeknownst to me at the time.


My first impressions are almost always dead on. But when they aren’t, I can be light years off target. I first encountered this particular singer / songwriter called Dave Tate in the now defunct Cabana Club in SLC.  Dave, if you are reading this, I’m sorry for what I’m about to say, but I trust you’ll forgive me:  Initially, I could not stand this guy. I immediately thought him to be a prick. His manager contacted me to do a press kit shoot for him, which led to me shooting his sister’s wedding, which led me discover that Dave Tate and his family are some of the finest human beings I’ve ever encountered. I’ve since shot 3 weddings for their family, including Dave’s own. Aside from having shot countless more photos for Dave, he and I have a friendship that will be life long. That very fact is humbling – and always reminds me to give a second thought to anyone I may initially think ill of.  We are truly brothers. I have a deep reverence for this man and his music. 


The profound and the profane:   I love the range of assignments that I get to cover often within days of each other. One night, I’m photographing NOFX as they instruct a family of 4 (mom, dad, 2 boys, 7 and 8 yrs) on the finer points of a sexual maneuver known as “The Chili Dog”:


And 4 nights later, I find myself in the Conference Center for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints photographing the Mormon Tabernacle Choir with Tom Brokaw and famed tenor Alfie Boe for their annual holiday DVD:


…and 5 days later, Snoop Dogg expounds on the finer points of gin & juice:

Okay, now I’m bragging.  But seriously,  it may suffice to say, that given my background and the nature of the last few years of my life… photographing The Choir was an honor, a privilege, and a multifaceted beautiful experience.

There are many other profound moments, but neither you or I have all afternoon to wallow in them.  A photographer named Marc Riboud said it best:

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”

PDX Sat: Cherubs, rainbows and unicorns shitting Portland glitter cupcakes

PDX Day 1: My stupidest accomplishment
PDX Day 2: Happy hour indeed
PDX Day 3: Portland so far
PDX Day 3.2: FUPD has assumed control
PDX Day 4: Laughs, libations, and lost chances
PDX Day 5: Cherubs, rainbows, and unicorns shitting Portland glitter cupcakes
PDX Day 6: Homebound
kira modeling hue french lace control top pantyhose“Cherubs, rainbows and unicorns shitting Portland glitter cupcakes” is the way that a good friend of mine described my trip to Portland.

That’s a fair assessment.

Today, Sat, is the day of the World Naked Bike Ride. I have plenty of photos to share, but first, I want to show you how I spent the earlier part of the day: 

Read More

today’s accomplishments

Here’s what I’ve accomplished today, thus far:

  • woke up at 9:30 am
  • beat off
  • delivered Musser wedding images via skateboard
  • delivered Simmons wedding images via skateboard
  • researched local screen printing companies to print the official Paul Duane t-shirt
  • picked up lunch at La Bella Piastra, one of my old lunchtime spots from my USPS days … via skateboard
  • ate said lunch – mushroom trio sauce over bowtie pasta – and watched episode 10 of Louie, in which he gets raped by his dentist while having a laughing gas overdose induced dream in which he meets Osama Bin Laden and convinces him to not be a terrorist anymore.
  • got online merch store set up so you can now buy a “fuck you paul duane” beer mug (t shirts, too)

Agenda for the rest of the day:

  • deliver Evans temple square family portraits
  • edit drag queen photographs from last night
  • finish up marketing for this month’s boudoir promotion
  • have dinner and drinks with my cousin. Items up for discussion:  psychic phenomena, viral marketing, cross dressing, california, past lives, the art of stand up comedy, and her difficulty with guys. We might even talk about you, depending on who you are.
  • give 4 women spontaneous compliments. 2 can be people I know, 2 must be strangers.  This is Mission 6 of the 30 Day Style Life Challenge, which I have now resumed 🙂

I’m incredibly grateful to be able to live like this now 😀