Jenny Lee Green, July 2011

I’ve been friends with Salt Lake City model Jenny Lee Green for some time now. We’ve discussed doing a shoot together on many occasions, and it finally happened. Jenny’s face is beautiful and well known in the city. Her modeling, dancing, and club presence is well established.  It seems to me that every photo of Jenny involves her being topless and barely covering her girly bits. I’ll be the first to say that she does these kinds of photos masterfully. She’s an absolute knockout.


I had a feeling that Jenny has more to offer.  We spent a Sunday afternoon and evening in my studio, and cruising around downtown Salt Lake City. We brought a camera, a few outfit changes, and an eye for opportunity. I could not be more pleased at what we found.  First and foremost, we produced images for the “Jenny, Jenny (867-5309)” shoot. You can check that out here.


As we were walking around downtown SLC, we came upon a bicycle taxi. He suggested that we take a photo, and we did take advantage of his offer.




The Salt Lake Bike Taxi has never looked so sexy.

We then moved into the studio…


Jenny is an experienced model and photographing her was easy.  I wanted to take things to a different level, however….

You see, in life, and particularly in front of a camera, we all have a tendency to put up somewhat of a wall. We peer through cracks in the wall to the outside world, but very rarely do we ever let anyone in, let alone knock the wall down.  I asked Jenny how she would feel about taking a few minutes to take a few photographs in which that wall might come down.

She graciously accepted the idea.


When we were doing the photos, I knew we were getting good shots. When I reviewed the proofs after the shoot, I found myself feeling awestruck, and somewhat uncomfortable. I felt like I was in a very private place, one that I really ought not be in. Jenny truly let her guard down.

It takes immense strength to be vulnerable.


Jenny told the truth without saying a word.

Jenny, my friend, thank you.


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