David Murphy, Bass, STS9
David Murphy, Bass, STS9

Self described “post rock dance music” group Sound Tribe Sector 9 (sts9) rocked The Depot in Salt Lake City on 25 Feb 2010.

The band has just released a new record, Ad Explorata, a collection of grooves and soundscapes.

The first 3 songs of the set came off rather tepid.  The third song, which I believe was a new track from Ad Explorata, was the calm before the storm.

STS9 unleashed crowd favorites such as Metameme,  Instantly, Moon Socket and Grow, and Arigato.  As the band laid down these beloved grooves, the crowd moved in time – and brought a new understanding of the common moniker the band carries – “the tribe”.

STS9 is a band of trademark sounds.

Bassist David Murphy displays bass chops that are well versed in rock and jazz / funk styles.

When STS9s Wikipedia page, I was amused to find that most band members listed “laptop” among one of the instruments that they play.

Hunter Brown, guitarist for STS9
Hunter Brown, guitarist for STS9

No member of this band, save the drummer, gets away with playing just one instrument.  Watching Murphy deftly handle keyboard duties with a bass slung around his neck conjured visions of Geddy Lee (RUSH).

Hunter Brown (guitar) has a guitar town  is warm, subdued, and a tad melancholy.  Think Trey Anastasio (Phish) + rainy day in Seattle.

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