1:57 am

1:57 am:
As I pull into my parking spot, the cool night beckoned me to stay and contemplate for a moment. I pulled my bass amp out of the car and sat on it in the parking lot and took stock of my day. I got paid today to walk around the city in this beautiful weather. I got a date with a beautiful, interesting girl. My band finished recording our demo CD tonight. I got paid to take pictures at what is fast becoming my own “cheers”, the Sandbar. I made some great new friends there tonight. A dear friend of mine finally found peace in her own life. Creative opportunities are showing up just a bit faster than I can produce them…. and this is what we call a “quality problem”. I live in the middle of an interesting, opportunity laden city. I have a home that perfectly suits and facilitates my prefered lifestyle. LIFE IS GOOD. I just want to say THANK YOU.

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