4 Feb: Call To Action re: Medical Cannabis

Okay, this one is time sensitive, folks. 

Today, both of the medicinal cannabis bills are in committee at the capital. This is a critical stage where the bill can either continue to live, or die. Your involvement TODAY (4 Feb) is very important at this stage. Here’s the short story: Senators Daw & Vickers are sponsoring a bill  which is a very limited cannabis bill that does not allow whole plant marijuana to be sold – only extracts with limited uses. This bill needs to be defeated.
Senator Madsen’s bill, SB73, allows for whole plant cannabis to be sold and has good provisions in place to make sure those who need it can easily get it. This bill needs to succeed.

TODAY (4 Feb), both bills will be considered in committee. This is a stage where senators and representatives may be making up their mind as to which way they will vote. Our elected representatives need to know what the will of the people is. Please stop what you are doing and take 5 minutes to send an email or make a phone call to your elected representative to let them know you want them supporting Madsen’s bill, SB73.

How to easily get in touch with your elected officials:

When communicating with your elected representative, make sure these things happen:

  • Communicate with utmost professionalism when you contact your representatives.  Treat it like an important job interview.
  • If you have a personal medical condition, or someone you are close to has a condition that can be treated with medicinal cannabis, please include a short explanation of how it would benefit you or your loved one.   It’s critical that our lawmakers see the value that cannabis has as a MEDICINE.
  • This is not about recreational weed folks. That’s a different topic for another day. Don’t even bring it up. Many of the more conservative legislators are afraid that this bill will just serve, and create, a bunch of “pot heads”. They need to be assured that this is MEDICINE that will be used responsibly.
  • Make sure you are specific in asking that they support SB73, and NOT the bill proposed by Daw / Vickers.

The two committee meetings are at 2pm and 4pm today, 4 Feb, so time is of the essence. Take 5 minutes and do it now! Let’s get this done!

much love –

Paul Duane

P.S. This just in: please take a minute to also write the committee members:


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