wires and tubes

I sat by my father’s bedside for 4 hours tonight. We didn’t say much. He can’t.
We never have; his cancer surgery furthers that scenario.

Tonight, I heard my dad laugh, saw him smile, for the first time since his operation. He laughed easily, as if he were just looking for even the slightest reason to laugh and cling onto some of those much needed endorphins. Most people are more reluctant to laugh; he seemed to need it.

Sitting in a chair, a dozen wires & tubes connected to his body, bound to this small room, silenced and hungry…

My dad broke down and cried.

My head may just explode.

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  1. Reading this brings tears to my eyes… and I can't imagine what you must be feeling watching your father experience all of this. You both are in my hert.. in fact your entire family is. I have been watching my dad also experience some intense emotions through all of this and it breaks my heart for everyone involved. I know your dad will make it through this.. Because if anyone can.. HE CAN. He is one of the strongest, most determined people I have ever met. Love ya Paul…

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