I got in the way

I’m on a northbound train. It’s 6:50 pm on a November night- darkness has completely settled settled in. I usually enjoy the hypnotic view of the passing landscape, but tonight the darkness outside has turned the smoked glass window into a partial mirror. I try to peer through the reflections – details on the other side of the window are indescribable by virtue of my own reflection. Occasional points of light are recognizable – flood lit buildings, wandering ghosts that are cars, and in a blurry instant, my gaze meets with another similarly curious soul in a window of a passing train. Such is life – peering through darkened glass at the other side… other side of love, other side of mortality- details obscured by our own reflection.

What might I see if I could somehow disappear?

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  1. I love this. I remember it. Keep writing Paul. You have an incredible incredible gift. I can read your things over and over.

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