3 Things: The ladies of Jouissance


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3 Things: The ladies of Jouissance

I recently joined my friend Nick James at his hair salon, Jouissance, in Salt Lake City.  I asked his clients the question:

Imagine that I handed you a microphone; when you speak into it, the whole world can understand and hear you at the same time.  You can make 3 statements. What would you say?









Hilly Jon & Jag

I don’t often photograph families, but when I do, it looks like this:





(L to R): Hillary, Jag, and Jon Kirkman are a beautiful family.


Though she’s spent many years as a wonderfully ambitious career girl, Hillary is doing the mom thing, full time – and loves it.


A man can have a lot of great things in his life… a nice car, a prestigious career, a fat bank account, 6 pack abs… but personally, I hold in highest regard the man who has attracted a brilliant woman, created a joyful life with her, prepared well for a child and then manifest one into the abundant world he’s created.  This is masculine finesse at it’s finest.  Jon Kirkman is one such man; Jag Kirkman is a very fortunate little guy.  He’s got a brilliant life ahead of him.

.   .   .   .

Family portrait booking inquiries can be submitted here.

Scott Carter

And here we have the many faces of Scott Carter.  Mr. Carter is a Libra, has great taste in music, and even better taste in women. Scott is working on a graduate degree in psychology and works with troubled youth. Troubled ladies need not apply 😉

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