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Marianne Williamson: Moral Outrage Born of Love

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I just read… okay I actually LISTENED to one of Marianne’s books, The Divine Law Of Compensation. She sheds some brilliant light the energy of money. What book would you like to listen to? Get a free audiobook and a free 30 day trial of Audible using my promo link below. Enjoy! 

Excerpts from my interview with Marianne Williamson:

Author Marianne Williamson and comedian / podcaster Paul Duane

Author Marianne Williamson being interviewed on The Paul Duane Show in Salt Lake City.

“I don’t even know if William Weld voted for Gary Johnson… ”

“This election was a kind of perfect storm… it did not come out of nowhere…
many of the worst aspects of this campaign and this election were the inevitable result of accumulated transgressions that we perpetrated or acquiesced to on so many levels, making us into a country that sort of lost its mind. ”

“Democracy, and a healthy society, is something you cannot take for granted, but we have taken it for granted for decades. We have in so many ways put economic gain, turned it into our God, put it before considerations of brotherhood, and justice and peace and love and ethics.”

“If people are brought up not knowing what the Bill of Rights says, if they are not brought up knowing how government is supposed to work, how can you expect them to get upset when government does things that are different from how it’s supposed to operate?”

“When the people have… lost the sense that we are in charge – it’s something that’s happened psychologically and emotionally. We have lost , I hope temporarily, – the habits of democracy”

“Like the course in miracles says, you can mismanage your mind but you cannot diminish it’s power.”

Author Marianne Wiliamson being interviewed by Paul Duane, The CrossDressing Mormon Anarchist

Author Marianne Wiliamson being interviewed by Paul Duane, The CrossDressing Mormon Anarchist

“The greatest kind of leadership is modeling. The way to be a good leader is to live the best life that you know you can in any given moment. Everybody’s watching.”

“I think there’s a humility to real leadership, which is knowing that you are no better or no less than any anyone else. You have the same responsibilities as everyone, and that’s to rise to the occasion and be the people that we’re capable of being.”
“Real leadership is holding a space for the brilliance of others.”

Author Marianne Wiliamson being interviewed by Paul Duane, The CrossDressing Mormon Anarchist

Author Marianne Wiliamson being interviewed by Paul Duane, The CrossDressing Mormon Anarchist

“Disengagement on the part of too many people is what got us into this mess.
Remaining disengaged is not the solution. It’s been way too true of too many people in the higher consciousness community who sometimes use this artificial notion of spirituality almost as a cover for a kind of anti-intellectual strain, for a convenient disengagement from the political process.”

“And whereas it is the duty of nations as well as of men, to own their dependence upon the overruling power of God, to confess their sins and transgressions, in humble sorrow, yet with assured hope that genuine repentance will lead to mercy and pardon;

It behooves us then, to humble ourselves before the offended Power, to confess our national sins, and to pray for clemency and forgiveness.” – Abraham Lincoln

“The civil war was over in 1864. It is now 2016 and this is a karmic toxicity we are still dealing with. Generation after generation because we have still not fully atoned. We have not, fully, as a nation, taken responsibility. because people don’t understand the difference between taking responsibility and taking blame.”

Author Marianne Wiliamson being interviewed by Paul Duane, The CrossDressing Mormon Anarchist

Author Marianne Wiliamson being interviewed by Paul Duane, The CrossDressing Mormon Anarchist

” [according to Pope John Paul] Atonement, and apologies and amends would purify your memory – and if you did not make those amends, you would be unconscious of the ways that you repeated the sin afterward. And that’s where the United States is. Too many people – This goes back to lack of education – too many Americans aren’t even aware of the racial history of the United States and how many of the transgressions against African Americans today are a legacy of that original sin of slavery. ”

“If you really recognize the historical through line, the idea of reparations… you begin to recognize that reparations is not just an economic issue. There is something about acknowledging to people that they have been wronged that is very very powerful.”

Author Marianne Wiliamson being interviewed by Paul Duane, The CrossDressing Mormon Anarchist

Author Marianne Wiliamson being interviewed by Paul Duane, The CrossDressing Mormon Anarchist

“So many Americans today seem to think because the people who fought WWII, because the founders were exceptional, that we get to call ourselves exceptional . This is not only blind, but it’s got to drive citizens from other countries out of their minds!”

“I love that about America – you don’t have to be a proactively good person here. As long as you do not hurt anyone else – that’s what freedom of religion is about. That’s what free speech is about.”

“I think Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden are American Heroes”.

“Where is our Don’t Tread On Me spirit?”

“Moral outrage isn’t born of anger, it’s born of love.”

Check out Marianne’s article “Race, Repentance and Reparations”

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Many thanks to my dear friend Nicole for her assistance in putting this interview together and for taking photos while we recorded!

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