Partnering with The Paul Duane Show

meinstudio2The Paul Duane Show is a forum for people who write their own rules.  The brand is an ethos of social progress, personal authenticity, creativity, and excellence.

Why advertising with my show is valuable:

  • Live radio show broadcasts live, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday  with a listenership of over 35,000 is concentrated in the SLC Metro area, though I do have listeners in many other cities, some as far away as Australia.
  • All shows are podcast to iTunes. Your live reads are preserved in the podcast recordings, which deliver your branding in perpetuity.
  • Active and highly visible in the performance / art scene in Salt Lake City
  • 5,000 visitors per month on the web, many of whom are specifically interested in alternative fashion (such as we are proposing to do).
  • Active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter with 4400 + cumulative followers
  • Klout score of 63
  • Special interest fan base that is more highly targeted than general advertising

How Your Organization will benefit:

  • 30 second live reads on every episode of The Paul Duane Show radio broadcast. During a live read, I share my experience with your company and tell my listeners what I love about your product and why I think they will love it too, along with contact info for your company.
  • logo / link to your business on the show website:
  • Other social media mentions including hashtags, tags, and links in photos whenever I am featuring your product / service
  • Combined, this results in over 400,000 impressions per month.

In the near future, we are going to be launching a filmed edition of the show on a local TV station and Youtube, which will provide additional opportunities to promote your organization. Sponsorship rates for the show range from $500 / month to $1000 / quarter.  I appreciate your interest in partnering with my show and brand; I believe a great opportunity exists to mutually benefit each other.  Let me know what when you’d like to begin!

Contact us today to book your sponsorship of The Paul Duane Show!

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