1. If you are one of my Patreon supporters, you get in for free. Just go RSVP on the event page HERE so I know if I should plan on you.

2. If you are NOT one of my Patreon supporters, but want to support the show and get free entry into all of my events, go join NOW, by clicking HERE. Join at the $15 level to get two-for one show entry.

3. If you are not one of my Patreon supporters, and want to just come to this event without joining Patreon, get your ticket by clicking HERE.

This is a very special event – my head shot sessions usually run $150.  Come make some art, get a head shot, and as usual, enjoy some liquid refreshments with us, for a FRACTION of my typical setting fee.  This is a 21+ event. Dress as you wish to be immortalized on camera.

19nov2015 show flier

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