A partial autopsy of the Gary Johnson Campaign with Charlynn Patterson

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What do BETA VCRs and Libertarians have in common?
Why did Bill Weld seemingly break rank and start endorsing Hillary?
Aleppo aside, was Gary really well suited for the White House?

On today’s show, we dig in and find out from a source that comes deep from the inside. I’ve had the good fortune of being pretty closely connected to the inner workings of the Gary Johnson campaign.  This afforded me a more nuanced view on the campaign than I often let on during public conversations leading up to the election. I get into this in some detail during the opening monologue of the show.  Charlynn Patterson served as a Regional Director in the campaign of Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Gary Johnson.  We have a frank conversation about some of the internal failures from a culture, hiring, and management perspective that undermined the success of the Libertarian Nominee’s bid for President.

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