Salt Lake Aikikai, Aikido dojo teachers on The Paul Duane Show

Aikido – the martial art of peace

We all have to deal with conflict in our lives, either physical or emotional. When the conflict involves someone you won’t see again, the consequences of the conflict are minimal. When you are dealing with someone who you will see again, and need to have a continued good relationship with – it’s invaluable to know how to handle the conflict in a way that protects yourself, AND the other person.

Some time ago, I became familiar with the idea that the martial art Aikido is rooted in this philosophy – of using your attacker’s energy against them, in a way that conserves your own energy, protects you, AND protects the attacker.

On today’s show, I visit with two guys from a local Aikido dojo: Gerry Carpenter- 2nd degree black belt, and Sensei Philippe Wyffels, a 4th degree black belt.  I’m fascinated with Aikido now and will be visiting the dojo soon to explore in more depth. I hope you get as much out of this as I did!

Learn more about Aikido and visit the local dojo and visit Salt Lake Aikiki at:



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