Save the world by healing our men

Many years ago, I found myself at rock bottom.
My marriage of 7 years ended.
I no longer lived under the same roof as my two daughters.
I was absolutely devastated.
There is no pain in the world like the pain a divorced father has to endure. It’s a wound that never heals.

I made up my mind that I’d get to the bottom of why my marriage failed. I was absolutely hell bent that I’d never go through that again. I was cognizant enough to realize that I was at least half of the problem, but I didn’t yet understand the mechanics of my marriage and divorce.

I became a student of “men’s coaching”. I have read countless pages, listened to thousands of hours of podcasts, and spent vast amounts of time in various men’s groups learning about how to be a better man. Beyond that, I’ve subjected many girlfriends to my attempts at being a better man. God bless them. They’ve been wonderful teachers, whether they realize it or not.

I’m endlessly fascinated by the human condition. I lay awake at night wondering how to fix it all. This is why I am interested in politics. I want to know how things work, so that I can hopefully get involved in fixing them.

Politics are just a symptom, however. The base disease is this:

Broken men.

It’s broken men that aspire to power for the wrong reasons.
It’s broken men that abuse their kids.
It’s broken men that neglect their wives.
It’s broken men that put profit over principle.

Healthy men aspire to political leadership out of service, rather than a desire to dominate.
Healthy men put the needs of people above profit motive.
Healthy men choose healthy women to marry.
These healthy couples have babies.
These babies grow up in homes where healthy is the norm.
These children tend to perpetuate the cycle of healthy manhood when they leave the house.

I believe that the world can be saved by healing our men.

What do you think?

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