SB 73 Senate undecided list : 11 Feb 2016

19 FEB 2016 UPDATE

We’ve got enough votes in the senate for SB73 to pass. At this point – messages of positivity, gratitude, support, etc, are the best thing to be sending to your senator.

It has come to my attention that some people have been sending “hate mail” to legislators.  Let me be exceedingly clear about this:

If you have sent hate mail, you have HURT our cause.

Hate mail does NOTHING to pursuade a strong minded person to a new point of view. THINK ABOUT IT.

Okay, back to the positive!  Let’s send them thank you notes for supporting Utah’s patients and supporting SB 73.

Click here for an  easy way to look them up:



  1. Speaking as someone who needs to take dangerous opoids, please help me and thousands of others to manage our pain in a much safer way.

  2. i am all for medical marijuana for i have real bad back problems and bad pain tierd of taking pain killers marijuana is the only thing that takes my pain away please consider this my liver is suffering

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