28 March 2015: The Paul Duane Show LIVE On Stage

On 28 March 2015, I had the opportunity to present an awesome lineup to my audience in a private edition of The Paul Duane Show.  The evening consisted of the always brilliant comedy of Levi Rounds, an informative segment from henna artist AJ Rasmussen – and then the walking canvas of AJ’s work, the infamous Kendra Sunderland.

For those that don’t know the story behind the meteoric fame of “The Library Girl”, here it is in a nutshell:

Sunderland, a freshman at Oregon State University, was dabbling in the world of webcam modeling. For the uninitiated: a model, such as Sunderland, will engage in a video chat session with a viewer / customer. The viewer will request the model to do various provocative things on camera. The more daring, the more they have to pay to see it happen. Think of it as a web enabled peep-show.   Kendra was performing a webcam show in the library at Oregon State. Though she had several close calls, her 30 minute webcam session went undetected.  Until a short time later, that is.  She began getting unexpected attention on social media and soon discovered that the video had been leaked, shared, and proliferated. It wasn’t long before the video found it’s way into the hands of university administrators, police, and ultimately, the media.  Between the efforts of the police, and the resulting media reports, Kendra Sunderland has become an overnight sensation in the adult entertainment world.

I had the opportunity to have Kendra live, in the studio, for a show.  We had a full house of Salt Lake City’s most beautiful, and most interesting people.  Check out the photo gallery below. After having spent the day with Kendra prior to the show and having extensive conversations with her, I am left to wonder: Who did the best job of leveraging the higher education system for the purpose of starting a career: Kendra, or the rest of the students there who will graduate drowning in school debt with a degree that probably won’t lead to any lucrative job prospects?

March 2015 live show flier draft 1

Many thanks to the Photo Collective Studios, Five Wives Vodka, and Bohemian Brewery for making the event possible. Giving some LOVE to : Venue: Photo Collective Studios | refreshments by Five Wives Vodka and Bohemian Brewery | custom suit by H.M. Cole | hosiery by Cecila de Rafael |

Prior to the show, Kendra joined me in the studio for a gorgeous photo shoot. You can see those images here. (NSFW)


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