Rep Gage Froerer & cannabis extract legalization in Utah

Today I interviewed Utah Rep Gage Froerer, (R, Huntsville). He sponsored H.B. 105, the Plant Extracts bill. 
Gary HerbertUtah Governer Gary Herbert signing H.B. 105 into law, legalizing a particular cannabis extract for use in treating epilepsy. The bill also legalizes research on industrial hemp.

charlottesweb“Charlotte’s Web” is the trade name of the strain of cannabis sativa that is used to create the extract that brings incredible relief to those suffering from epilepsy. This particular strain has no practical levels of THC and is very high in CBD, meaning that the user experiences no “high”, but still experiences the therapeutic effects of the plant.

The University of Utah will be conducting research on why marijuana has such potent therapeutic properties for epilepsy. Utah State University will be leading the way in research on industrial hemp.  It’s exciting to contemplate the cutting edge research on the cannabis plant that will be coming from Utah in the coming years.’s_Web_(cannabis)



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