David West, Via Motors, 100mpg Chevy Silverado

On today’s show, David West, Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder of VIA Motors joined me to discuss his company’s unique approach to electric vehicles.


A few links from my opening rant:  6 Technological innovations that can keep the NSA at bay: http://scgnews.com/6-anti-nsa-technological-innovations-that-may-just-change-the-world

 Pope Francis reveals that he stole a dead priest’s cross. Hilarious: http://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/pope-confesses-he-stole-priests-cross-casket-n45856

Let’s talk electric vehicles:  I’m excited about electric vehicles not only because of how clean they run, but because they represent a major opportunity to change the power structure in our society. It nearly goes without saying that big oil companies wield untold power that is not limited to influencing media and government. The price of gas affects everything about modern society. I’m of the belief that one of the best weapons we have against the corruption of huge corporations and government is to deprive them of our dollars.  “Who makes more from the sale of a truck: Chevrolet or Chevron?” is one of David West’s most elegant points made during the show.

Enter the 100 mpg full size truck.

Game. Changed.  Check out the links below, listen to the interview, then get in line. VIA is the vehicle of the very near future.



The insides of a VIA Motors truck:


paulduandviamotors paulddavidwest

Jay Leno test driving a VIA truck: 

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