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The Clay Colins story… the power of giving up:

About Jim Stevens:

Jim is the middle child of seven kids. Raised Mormon. Eagle scout. Father was a Principal and a Bishop. Mother was a school teacher. With this upbringing one would think Jim was a devoted member of the church and a scholar student. You would be wrong. Jim graduated with a 2.3 grade point average and hasn’t been a member since he turned 18.

Jim was an athlete growing up. Playing any and all sports. He was best at wrestling. Competing for 8 years. But it was drama that really changed Jim’s life. He received the 5A State Championship in 1994 in Humorous Interpretation.
Growing up a Stevens with a 2.3 grade point average you have two options. Mission or Military. Something his father reminded him of often. So Jim decided on College. Now most people with such a low grade point average would be lucky to get into college. Not Jim. He received a full scholarship to CEU to be apart of the drama and nationally ranked debate program.
Jim was cast as the lead in the first play his freshman year. Something the older students did not like very much. But he was still cast in the full length two person play. The Mystery of Irma Vep.
College was short lived. His professional career made going back to school difficult. Booking the independent film Twice Today and a television role in the PAX channels It’s a Miracle.  Followed by the Horror films The Darkling and The Darkness, where Jim played Edgar Allen Poe.
It was around the time his only child Talon was suddenly announced of his pending arrival, that he got a call a large production company to audition for an Adam Sandler movie. They were looking for brothers from Utah. So naturally myself and my three brothers, all actors, sent in a tape. All 4 of us booked Punch Drunk Love. Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, starring recently deceased Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Adam Sandler.
Jim continued doing films. Appearing next to such actors as Anthony Hopkins in The Worlds Fastest Indian, and John Heder in Napolean Dynomite. But slowly started moving behind the camera, first as the first assistant director in the film Horse Crazy 2. Then took the directors chair in his own projects that have garnered praise from his peers and acceptance to film festivals.
In 2008 Jim started teaching a beginners class at a local agency because his older brother ” couldn’t reach the newbies”… Two years later Jim was teaching all the classes and in 2010 left to start his own acting school, Actors Anonymous. A class that meets every Wed in Sugar House still to this day.
Jim has studied improv with the comedy group The Groundlings. Appeared in film and television. Jim is currently one of the new faces for the new Arctic Circle ad campaign as the lovable but dumb astronaut Kevin. Bucking the old saying. Those that can’t do.. Teach. Rather, Jim teaches.. If your acting coach isn’t working… What are they teaching you?
Jim is an actor/writer/director/published author/comedian/acting coach who believes you can find success in Utah. You just need to decide how you are going to define success……

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