Imagine Dragons, 22 March 2013

Imagine Dragons ruled the stage at The Complex on 22 March 2013.  Photographic evidence follows.

First a few of my thoughts on the show…

The tickets had been sold out long before the day of the concert. I was not terribly surprised, as everyone from my 13 year old daughter to people my age  like Imagine Dragons.  The opening band, Atlas Genius, set the bar very high for the evening. Atlas Genius hails from Australia and seems to be in step with a very cool trend of modern rock that takes lots of notes from the post-punk new wave bands of the 80’s. I really like what I’m hearing on stages these days.  Atlas Genius had the massive crowd’s attention, which is a major feat for an opening act.

Enter Imagine Dragons.

I stood in the photo pit waiting for the band to start.  The lights fell, the intro started, and soon the band was on stage. A wall of sound pummeled me in the back of the head that was far louder than the audio from the sound system.  When a crowd roars like that, it’s hard to deny that something special is happening on the stage.  Dan Reynolds (vocals) both basked in the waves of sound coming from the audience between lines. His performance had a visceral quality that extends beyond his performance on their debut record, Night Visions.  Abundant auxiliary percussion, including orchestral bass drum and toms, added to the explosive dynamic of the band’s performance.  It’s a shame that produced studio music so often fails to convey the power of such moments.

Though Imagine Dragons’ Wikki page claims they originate from Las Vegas, the band’s early stages took place in Utah. Dan Reynolds (vocals)  and Wayne Sermon (guitar) are from Utah, and both call it home. I’ve been to countless concerts, but seldom do I seen auditoriums full of fans glued to the stage, not a single eyeball distracted.  It’s easy to feel like Utah isn’t a hot spot on the entertainment industry map, but tonight was evidence that some really excellent things do, indeed, originate here in the Beehive.


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