Facebook: former foe

It has been famously said that your five closest friends will basically predict what kind of life you have.  One things is for certain: we are a product of our environment. One of the things that separates humans from the other animals is that we can consciously make changes in our environment in order to further our goals, once we understand that natural law.

Let’s talk about Facebook for a second:

I was “this close” to deleting my Facebook account.  I don’t know about you, but my relationship with Facebook is complicated. It’s full of friends, networking, humor, drama, controversy, gossip, and let’s be honest: validation.

I can do without most of the aforementioned things – except for the networking.  Networking is the life blood of my business. It’s how I meet new clients.  It’s how my work ends up in front of new eyeballs.  When it comes to networking, there’s nothing more powerful than Facebook.

The problem is that I found myself just staring into the drama queen abyss that is my Facebook newsfeed. It was wasting time and honestly, kind of dragging me down.   I discovered a solution that would transform Facebook from a liability into an asset:

Custom Friend Lists.

I have constructed friend lists for different categories of my life:

– family

casual acquaintances

photography clients

girls I’m interested in dating

….and most importantly: MENTORS.

I assembled a list of people that I consider mentors. Most of them have never met me, and that’s okay. They are podcasters, comedians, entrepreneurs, authors, etc.  Now, with the click of a button, my Facebook news feed is comprised ONLY of updates from these people!


Facebook is now an inspirational and uplifting part of my day.

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